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We Need Strong Men.

Watch Allie Stuckey & Kerby Martin Talk On The Challenges Young Conservatives Face Today. The media wants you to think there aren’t any conservatives under 30. Allie Stuckey is out to prove them wrong. She talked with 17-year-old Kerby Martin about the challenges young conservatives are facing today.


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Safe Space Harvard Lib LOSES HER MIND After Being Fired For Being 2 Hrs Late on Her First Day

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Allie Stuckey On Politics, the Border Wall & Strong Men

Hey Feminists!

Your Hypocrisy Is Showing

Why won’t I call myself a feminist? Because third-wave feminism isn’t progress. It’s hypocrisy.

College professor tells stressed students to pick their own grade

The Conservative Millennial blogger Allie Stuckey on Google’s firing of an engineer who wrote a memo on the company’s diversity policy and a University of Georgia professor allowing students to pick their grades in an effort to reduce stress.

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